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Bridging Worlds of Wellbeing, Gems & Minerals

We are dedicated to bringing world-class shows and exhibitions to the heart of the UK. The London Gem & Mineral Show serves as a captivating celebration of the Earth's natural wonders, featuring rare and exquisite gemstones, minerals, and crystals from around the globe. The show is not only a treat for collectors, crystal businesses, and enthusiasts but also an educational journey into the geological wonders that have fascinated humanity for millennia.

Alix Bramwell

Co-Founder & Managing Director


Co-Founder & Director

Mary Cox

Mary Cox-Co-Founder.png

Mary has extensive experience of the wellbeing industry, stemming from her own healing journey of self-discovery, including the use of crystals, yoga, meditation, and energy healing. Through this, Mary learned the importance of alignment between her spiritual interests and her mental and physical health. Mary has a background in fashion business, events, and education. She graduated with a first in Fashion Business and Promotion and runs her own jewellery business alongside Wisdom on Wellness, designing and making her own exquisite pieces, working on commissions with healing crystals.

"I am excited to be creating an immersive and educational experience, redefining the perception of gems, minerals and fossils. Whether you're new to the scene or a seasoned connoisseur, our aim is to unite this vibrant, growing community and encourage learning and exploration for everyone"

Alix has more than a decade of experience in the events industry. Having worked with some very well-known brands, event spaces and locations, he is very experienced when it comes to the operations of a large-scale event. During this time, Alix struggled with his own mental health which led him towards the holistic wellbeing industry, thus creating Wisdom on Wellness.

"I am so excited to be creating a welcoming space and finally filling the gem and mineral exhibition demand that London has been longing for. Bringing together collectors, enthusiasts, and crystal businesses all under one roof"

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We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our events as much as we possibly can. There will be a lot of measures in place to ensure this, which our exhibitors and customers alike must adhere to.

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Reduced Energy

Power usage is kept to a minimum and only used where necessary.

There is a designated person who will ensure that all power is only used during show opening hours.

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Recycling points are available throughout the exhibition.

We strive to reuse, recycle and repurpose where possible, and use recycled materials across the aesthetics of the exhibition.

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Reducing Waste

We will have recycled and recyclable brochures and branding throughout the exhibition and only print when totally necessary.

We will have refillable water stations for our customers to reduce plastic waste.

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Sustainable Materials

The items we purchase are carefully selected, using recycled, organic and / or ethically sourced and sustainable materials where possible.

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Exhibition Catering

Our caterers must use biodegradable cartons and packaging.

We always have plant-based catering available as the more eco-friendly option.

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Social Responsibility

We are focused on supporting independent businesses in the local community to build the exhibition, positively impacting the local area.

We work closely with charitable organisations; our venue, our charity partner, we offer free stand space for charities and plant a tree for every exhibitor that signs up.

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We are committed to, and very passionate about, reducing our environmental impact, being socially responsible and generally, being as kind to the environment around us as we possibly can be. This is a really important part of what we do and it is at the core of our activities, events and collaborations.

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