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Crack open your own Geodes or Ammonite nodules in our immersive WOW Rocks experience (or watch the pros), exclusive to The London Gem & Mineral Show.

The below information is from our 2023 show.

Crack your own Ammonite

With fossils from the UK's Jurassic Coastline, in association with Yorkshire Fossils, you could be the first to see inside these specimens in over 180 million years! You don't need to be an expert... We'll help you safely crack open your own ammonites, making it an accessible adventure for everyone.

Crack your own Geode

Our Geode display featuring unseen wonders, each holding a surprise... Here's the twist: it's not you who picks the crystal, but the crystal that chooses you!

Could it be you that uncovers a rare crystal formation inside your geode? We'll help you safely crack open your own geodes, and discover what is hidden inside!

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