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We are excited to bring WOW Talks back to The London Gem & Mineral Show, where you can hear from well-known industry experts and keynote speakers.

Delve into talks covering geological, spiritual, practical, historical, and scientific aspects of crystals. From their geological formation and healing properties to their practical application and cultural significance, our WOW Talks stage will appeal to both scientific and spiritual interests.

Talk topics we are looking for:

Scientific & Geological

Spiritual & Metaphysical

Historical & Cultural

Practical Application of Crystals

As seen in 2023

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What's On - Saturday & Sunday 2023

Gemma Petherbridge.png

Crystal Healing 101 - Gemma Petherbridge

Discover the profound reasons behind why crystals are beneficial for our wellbeing, unravel the art of selecting the ideal crystal that resonates with your energy, and explore the enchanting world of popular beginner crystals that serve as your gateway to this ancient practice. Delve into the intriguing process of cleansing crystals, unlocking their pure potential, and learn the diverse techniques to initiate your journey of working with these exquisite gems.

11:00 - 11:30

13:35 - 14:05


Apophyllite from the Indian Plateau: A Crystal Case Study - Emily Coulter

Join us for a deep-dive into Apophyllite, where we will journey to India and uncover its geological and chemical setting in one of the largest volcanic features on Earth; the Deccan Traps. Drawing from a seven-year academic foundation in Geology and a lifelong passion for crystals, Emily Coulter will delve into the science behind Apophyllite formation; from gargantuan rivers of fire spanning a subcontinent, a volcanic eruption that signaled doom for the Dinosaurs, to the vital impact of the nourishing Monsoon season on a parched volcanic landscape.

11:45 - 12:15


Emeralds and Ethical Gems - Imtisal Talha Jewelers

Talha Habib Bakht, a prominent figure in the jewellery and gemstone industry, brings to us a wealth of knowledge and experience. Owner of Imtisal Talha Jewelers, Talha is deeply committed to ethical practices and fair trade in the world of gemstone mining. With a passion for ensuring that miners are paid fairly and that the industry is free from child labor, Talha has become an advocate for change. At The London Gem & Mineral Show, we have the privilege of witnessing the gemstone mining process through firsthand videos, where Talha and his team extract these precious stones from the mines themselves. Join us as we explore the ethical dimensions of the gemstone industry and unravel the fascinating art of transforming raw gems into exquisite jewellery pieces,.

IMG_2921 2 (1).jpg

How To Start Your Own Crystal Business Q&A - Maz Fentiman

Join us for an inspiring and informative Q&A with Maz Fentiman, where she reveals the secrets to starting your very own crystal business.  Drawing from her own expertise and experience, Maz will take you through the intricate steps of building a successful enterprise in the world of crystals.  From sourcing and curating a captivating collection to branding, marketing, and establishing an online presence, you'll gain invaluable insights into every facet of this thriving industry.  Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or a crystal enthusiast looking to turn your passion into a profession, this talk is not to be missed to gain the knowledge and confidence needed to embark on your entrepreneurial crystal venture.

14:15 - 14:45

IMG_8711 (1).heic

Discerning Authenticity from the Fakes & Phonies - Ricky Mowatt

In this eye-opening talk, you will be equipped with the essential knowledge to discern the genuine from the counterfeit in the intricate realm of crystals. Join Ricky from Carpe Crystals as he unravels the secrets to identifying fakes and phonies that often pervade the crystal market. Learn to distinguish subtle nuances that separate authentic crystals from imitations, and discover the telltale signs that reveal the true nature of these mesmerising gemstones. Armed with practical tips and tricks, you'll gain the confidence to navigate the crystal world with clarity and assurance, ensuring that your collection comprises only of genuine treasures.

12:25 - 12:55

15:00 - 15:20

Outback Opal Hunters Isaac.jpeg

The Opal Whisperers - Isaac Andreou

The Famous Discovery Channel Opal Whisperers - flying in all the way from Australia! Join us for the UK's first in-person talk with Isaac Andreou from team Opal Whisperers, who are making a special trip to join The London Gem & Mineral Show. "Conceived in an opal mine, Isaac has been deeply rooted into the opal, gemstone and jewellery industry since he was just an itch in his fathers hard hat. Due to these beginnings, it’s not surprising that he has a unique affinity with nature. As a second generation member of the industry and a lifetime of hands on experience specialising in opal, Isaac has a 100% creative mind and a prolific drive for producing opal artworks in a broad range of mediums."

Gemma Petherbridge.png

Advanced Crystal Healing - Gemma Petherbridge

Join this enlightening journey into advanced crystal healing as we delve into the intricacies of programming crystals. We will explore various techniques and their profound significance, offering you comprehensive insights into their application. Delve into the art of body layouts, learning to harness the energy of crystals to enhance wellness and balance. Discover the ancient alchemy of creating crystal elixirs, uncovering the transformative potential of infusing water with crystal vibrations. Lastly, delve into the captivating world of crystal grids, mastering the intricate arrangement of crystals to amplify intentions and manifest intentions with precision.

13:05 - 13:25

Wisdom on Wellness-Logo-300ppi-08.png

The Big Ethics Debate

In a world filled with diverse options and perspectives, this talk explores the ethics and politics of crystal and mineral sourcing. Join us for an engaging live discussion where we delve into the complex web of moral reasoning, ethical principles, and the ever-evolving landscape of personal and societal values. Discover the power of critical thinking and respectful discourse with industry experts.

15:30 - 16:30 

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